The strangers we love

Criado por Letícia Castro em em 12/06/2012
How long does it take to be in love? The moment of a glance, the second of a smile as the answer to all the years of waiting… Love can be by the corner, it won’t choose a specific spot, over an “X” sign, where you can safely land your feet and let yourself go. There’s little certainty to love and lots of letting go. Unpredictedbly, recipe free, with no control.
Just today I was reading about one of these matrimonial agencies that bills you with a high amount so you can have your data inside their system, waiting to be crossed with a perfect match. They even say that their service is not only after matching people at random, they do offer the help of a highly trained team of experts in psychology and human behavior to guarantee your match is the one that’s perfect.
There are some “buts”, though. The agency owner says that once a partially balded man looked for her and she discouraged him to waste his money on her services. “Either you go completely bald or make a hair transplant”. Apparently, he wasn’t suited to belong to her lists, not even paying the $2,000 the service generally costs. To her expert diagnostic, as a so-called reknown psychologist, this man’s hair didn’t make him suitable to love.
I “tend to disagree” when it comes to matters like this one. Maybe the hair does play a part in the love process. Maybe it also feels love, just like the heart, the brain, the hands, the feet and every other little molecule that forms our body. Maybe even the spiritual body has hair and they both feel love because there’s a chance that one little hairless spot on that man’s scalp is the one item that triggers some woman’s love for the whole rest of him.
I was really appalled by what I read. Anyway, wondering apart from it all, what really matters is that when you feel, you feel it. When you don’t, no golden locks, as wonderful as they can be, will make your heart start pounding. And for the ones who went past whatever “imperfections” their looks imposed on them and found a true heart that could feel alike out there, would like to dedicate this song. To our loved ones, who one day were nothing but strangers.
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  1. Fábio C. Martins comentou, em 12/06/2012:

    Perfeito, Lê!
    O Amor não está condicionado às aparências físicas. Quantas vezes vimos casais completamente feios a nossos olhos, mas que fazem um casal perfeito “for each other”?

    Essa guria, dona da empresa, talvez não gostasse de homens carecas e supôs que suas clientes também não gostassem. Bom, só espero que as clientes dela leiam esse post ou outros parecidos, para ver onde seu dinheiro está sendo “investido”.

    Beijão, Lê!

  2. LETÍCIA CASTRO comentou, em 13/06/2012:

    Ahh que bonitinho… Adorei seu comentário, Fá. Super on-topic. Pois é, imagina, e a pessoa ainda se diz psicóloga. Puxa vida, já pensou como fica a cabecinha de quem vai procurar seus serviços e tem um feedback como este? Pode ficar traumatizado para o resto da vida!

    Beijinho pra vc e super thank you, viu?


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