It’s been 30 years in a galaxy far, far away…

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A fever to never let goSince May, 2007, fans all over the world have been celebrating the first time they ever heard the unforgettable “May the force be with you”. Star Wars had just been released on a distant May 25, 1977 and it had all the elements to be a failure. By then, the acclaimed producer George Lucas’ creational skills were nowhere notorious, sci-fi movies tended to fall into obscurity and it began in chapter number four, right there, in the middle of the story. The box-office numbers would prove the worst predictions to be wrong though. From that time to the present, over US$ 4,200,000,000 has been raised only from tickets from the six films exhibitions worldwide. In 2005, the American Film Institute named John Williams’ score the most memorable of all time. It’s an icon for pop art culture and a fever never to let go among enthusiasts.

The whole saga plot

From left to right: Star Wars – Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Anakin Skywalker is a little boy discovered by the Jedi (members of a monastic order) and is believed to be the “Chosen One” to bring balance to the Force. The Jedi Council, led by Yoda, sense that his future is clouded but allow Obi-Wan Kenobi to train him. At the same time, the planet Naboo is under attack, and its queen, Padmé Amidala, ask the Jedi to repel it. Sith Lord Darth Sidious had planned the attack to give Naboo SenatorPalpatine a pretense to overthrow the leader of the Galactic Senate. Anakin falls to the dark side, as Sidious lures him to be his apprentice and try to defeat the Jedi. Amidala and Skywalker fall in love and she becomes pregnant with twins. He battles Kenobi who leaves him to die. Sidious rescues him and puts him into a suit of black armor that keeps him alive. Darth Vader is born.


From left to right: Episode IV – A New Hope, Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, Episode IV – Return of the Jedi
Twenty years later, Vader builds the Death Starspace station in order to crush the rebellion against his evil empire. He captures Princess Leia Organa who has stolen his plans and hidden them in droid R2-D2. R2-D2 and his counterpart C-3PO escape to the planet Tatooine. There, they are purchased by Luke Skywalker. Luke accidentally triggers a message put into the robot by Princess Leia, who asks for assistance from Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke asks his uncle about Kenobi. He’s led to the Jedi who confirms to be Obi-Wan. They hire pilots Han Solo and Chewbacca to take them to the rebels. Kenobi begins to teach the young man about the Force, but he’s killed by Vader during the rescue of Leia. The group manages to escape with the plans and destroy the Death Star.
Vader builds a second Death Star. Skywalker travels to find Yoda to be trained as a Jedi, but he’s interrupted when Vader captures Solo and the others. Vader reveals that he is Luke’s father and attempts to turn him to the dark side. He escapes and decides to face his father before becoming a Jedi. He also finds that Leia is his twin sister. As the rebels attack, Skywalker confronts Vader under the watch of Emperor Palpatine. He defeats his father and is able to convince him that there is still some good in him. Vader kills Palpatine and succumbs. The second Death Star is finally destroyed.

Main characters and cast
Anakin Skywalker – child (Jake Lloyd) Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) Darth Vader (David Prowse)
Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) Princess Leia (Carry Fisher)

Young Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) Yoda (puppeteer Frank Oz) Han Solo (Harrison Ford)
A whole year celebration

The 30th anniversary celebration had its kick off with the “Star Wars Celebration IV”, an exhibit including live entertainment, cast-member appearances, film and video presentations, movie props and costumes. The event is traveling around the world and is currently in Brazil, where it’ll reach 31 years of success. Disney and Muppets action figures were designed to portray the characters for both trilogies (the Muppets for the original one and Disney for the prequel trilogy). The toys will be launched in June and July respectively. Also, an animated film for episode II, The Clone Wars, produced by Lucasfilm is scheduled to be premiered in August, 2008.

Comentários (12)
  1. Wander Veroni comentou, em 16/05/2008:

    Oi, Letícia!

    Admiro mto o “Stars Wars” por ter se tornado uma das referências de filmes de ficção científica, além de durar décadas com fãs em td mundo.

    Adoro o Babel por causa dos tantos idiomas q tem por aqui…sempre aprendo um pouquinho!



  2. Andre comentou, em 16/05/2008:

    Those who have never understood “the saga” will find this text very enlightening.

  3. Luciano comentou, em 16/05/2008:

    Como um fã fervoroso, adorei o seu texto.
    Percorri episódio por episódio conforme lia as linhas.
    Escutei o som dos sabres de luz, os ruídos das naves espaciais e a fantástica trilha sonora da saga também.
    Em dezembro de 1983, quando assisti ao Retorno de Jedi no cinema, fui contaminado pela “Força” e passei a engrossar a sua fila de seguidores.
    Parabéns e “que a força esteja com você”!

  4. Letícia Castro comentou, em 16/05/2008:

    Com vc também! hehehe Vc viu que entendi toda a história com todos os personagens??? Finalmente!!! Vc não vai ter que me explicar tudo de novo!!! Valeu ter me feito assistir a primeira parte que é a segunda toda de uma vez!!! hehehe Esse post é pra vc, viu? ;)

  5. Eu Barros comentou, em 16/05/2008:

    eu adoro starwars

  6. Mayna comentou, em 17/05/2008:

    Nunca gostei de Star Wars. Na verdade, não sou fã de filmes que fogem muito da realidade.

  7. carla m. comentou, em 17/05/2008:


    Deixei um presentinho pra ti lá no meu blog.

    Passa lá pra pegar, ok.


  8. Ramon Steffen comentou, em 17/05/2008:

    Confesso que admiro Star Wars,mas nunca consegui assistir um filme por completo. É uma das ‘séries’ com mais fãs no mundo com certeza ^^

    Bom final de semana

  9. Silvia comentou, em 17/05/2008:

    oi filhota,

    Tenho certeza que o Lú se sentiu realizado por você finalmente ter conseguido entender a saga e feliz por ter dedicado a ele.
    Apesar de não ser fanática, gosto muito da saga. beijossssssssssss

    su mamita

  10. Marcelo comentou, em 18/05/2008:

    It’s cool… This movies is part of my life.

  11. madrugada comentou, em 18/05/2008:

    This post is too long! Mas pelas fotos parece ser bem legal.

    Meu irmão ganhou a lata com os três de aniversário. Só não entendi muito bem o disco bonus que vem com cada um. A versão do cinema. Era tão diferente assim? abraço!

  12. Letícia Castro comentou, em 18/05/2008:

    As fotos são legais e o texto tb. hehehe

    Quem não teve preguiça de ler, sabe.

    É mole, galera???


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