You ain’t got the blues when the blues is all you got

Criado por Letícia Castro em em 15/05/2015

I ain’t got the blues. For some time now, I haven’t had it. For real. I’ve learned the ability to turn my blues into a big FAT LOUD laughter – sometimes an evil one – whenever it hits me. Because it does, oh man, it does try to put you down!

Today, for instance. When it all has been about the blues and you wake up to the news… And the throne has been emptied… That’s precisely why I don’t give a shit to those who think music is something you touch and, therefore, it should be priced and consumed in exchange of some dimes – or millions of them. Music is soul and the soul belongs everywhere.

The day I ever consider music something I can grab with my own hands, that day, mister, all of them will die.

And they won’t.


Long live the KING!



PS: Album selection picked from journalist Itamar Montalvão’s suggestion, via Facebook.

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