Criado por Letícia Castro em em 22/09/2010

Pure cliché, but three things happened during the day today that have brought me to think of giving and the beauty in it. The human being is generous by nature: we love to give and that is a fact. However, the giving actions that have nurtured my soul on this very day have different stems, if I may say so, by themselves.

The first one has to do with friendship. Most of the times, we hardly ever notice the effect our actions have upon others. An insight, a deep feeling of “I need to do something here” that drives one into an attitude of sympathy towards their neighbor usually comes as sudden as it is promptly performed. You barely notice what you have just done and most of all: what it has brought about.

Today I just had this kind of feedback from a friend who told me that that particular thing we had been after had finally been accomplished. The “we”, in this case, means “she”, pursuing her goals, and “I”, backing her up with support. I “gave” her my prayers and hope, she “gave” herself her own efforts and somebody out there listened.

Then, talking to a different friend, I heard the happy news she’s waiting for a baby. This friend,particularly, confessed she knows too little about pregnancy, that she had never really gathered information about it, she does not know what comes next, but I sensed a kind of happiness that is pure and real in her voice. And, then, I thought of the divine. How blessed is this gift that is going to turn her world upside down. How thrilling is the so-called miracle of life when it happens to you. How selfless is nature, playing its part in the giving. I’m sure my friend will cope with this new raving situation the best way as her spirit flows in rocking bliss.

Later on, I went out to buy bread, for an afternoon snack. I bought it for myself and then I decided to buy something else just for the sake of giving it away. I did it, and when I passed what I had bought from my hands onto the next person’s hands, who made an expected nice comment about it, I understood it all. It is you, the one who raises the hand to actually give, who has the wildest trip, because your heart starts pounding, you seem to get warmer inside, your smile comes out more easily and you’re suddenly on cloud nine. It’s physical and as simple as cooking from a recipe.

I guess it doesn’t generally take so many years for any of us to acknowledge the therapeutic benefits of giving. Actually, I believe that babies know it better than anybody else: just smile and mom will kiss you. But, as far as I’m concerned, I have decided to make it an everyday option, a conscious one, to pursue the goal of giving and, as I’ve this daredevil spirit, I’ve decided to give when it’s the hardest. And, although it never matters what comes out of it, I have to confess: giving is heart-releasing and freeing. Giving is deliverance at a hand’s distance.

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